Halo Collective is looking for the next Filipino Founder to change the world.

In pursuit of Halo Collective’s vision, we’re dedicated to empowering Filipino innovation by facilitating access to early-stage financing and providing knowledge resources.

We invite founders who are eager to escalate their technology ventures to partner with us. We offer the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned institutional venture capitalists (VCs), where you can refine your concept, enhance your pitch, and strategize for scalability.

For the investment community, this presents a unique chance to engage with promising tech startups at the ground level, fostering innovation while realizing substantial growth potential.

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Elevate to the top of Halo’s communication channels. Our analysts meticulously dissect each slide of your deck to ensure every detail is acknowledged. Only the decks that radiate immense potential are propelled to our extensive network of investors, making sure every tech founder receives due recognition. We offer a highly efficient pathway to engage the interest of tech VCs, vastly outperforming traditional emailing methods. After an exhaustive analysis of your deck, we provide detailed insights to these investors, underscoring what makes your startup exceptional. Beyond that, we offer a rare chance to network with tech founders who are also investors, such as the CEOs of Solugen and Astranis. Securing an investment from one of our domain experts does not just offer financial backing, but also serves as a potent validation to other VCs, amplifying your traction during fundraising activities.

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Take our comprehensive course, empowering you with the skills and insights needed to craft compelling presentations.


Present your polished deck confidently, ready to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact on your stakeholders.



Sign up to unlock exclusive access and begin your journey towards mastering the art of deck creation.


Take our comprehensive course, empowering you with the skills and insights needed to craft compelling presentations.


Present your polished deck confidently, ready to captivate audiences and make a lasting impact on your stakeholders.


Gerome Vizmanos

Co-founder & CEO

Antonio Key

Co-founder & Investment Advisory

Behind Halo Collective is a diverse team of professionals with a shared dedication to supporting the next generation of innovators. Meet the faces driving our mission and bringing a wealth of experience to guide our portfolio companies.


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Tech Founders in the U.S.: Our investor network is extensive, covering a wide range of geographies and sectors. However, we do not consider Consumer Packaged Goods/Direct-to-Consumer goods such as sneakers and snacks. We are particularly interested in startups with valuations around or below $20M with lower valuations attracting more of our focus.

Tech Founders in the Philippines: We have a keen interest in marketplaces, SaaS, Fintech, and AgriTech ventures.

We invite innovative and driven tech entrepreneurs from the U.S. and the Philippines who are ready to accelerate their growth and connect with the right investors to submit their startup proposals. Our aim is to empower your startup journey with valuable resources and connections.

Analysts from our fund meticulously examine the received decks and distribute the most promising ones to potential investors, based on investor alignment with each proposal.

Investors regularly peruse this curated list to identify startups that spark their interest, guided by your website, description, deck links, and more.

Our investors operate independently, each managing their own fund. They directly connect with founders if they find a startup intriguing. We don’t invest as a cohesive group, so if you don’t hear from us, it signifies that none of the individual investors were captivated by your startup.

Please note that we don’t offer feedback on your deck submission; our role is to facilitate the connection between you and potential investors.

All of our participating investors are either independent VCs (being the sole partner in a fund) or affiliated with a fund that empowers them to make autonomous decisions. This structure allows us to operate at a quicker pace and hopefully with less red tape, enabling us to respond more swiftly to promising tech founders from the U.S. and the Philippines.
There is no formal program to attend and your main task is to submit your deck or memo. This platform primarily serves as a conduit to reach multiple investors’ inboxes with a higher priority. However, we strongly recommend availing our online courses to hone your skills in crafting an impressive pitch deck, especially for tech founders in the U.S. and the Philippines.
At present, we are maintaining a small group of investors. This decision is made with the intention to foster a close-knit and personalized experience for tech founders in the U.S. and the Philippines.
Your deck will exclusively be viewed by our 25 current investors and their respective fund teams. In addition, we include up to 4 prospective VCs in each deal review as part of our selection process for potential new additions to our investor group.

Rest assured, our analysts will meticulously review your deck, considering every slide in detail. If your startup captures our interest post-review, we will prioritize and endorse your deck to our investor team for serious consideration.

Our investors, each managing their own dedicated fund, directly engage with founders when they find a startup compelling. Please note, we don’t invest collectively as a group. If you don’t receive a response from us, it implies that none of our individual investors were captivated by your proposal.

Please be aware that we do not provide feedback on your deck submission — our primary role is to channel prospective deals to our investors.

Halo Collective is an effective platform for startups, especially those based in the U.S. and the Philippines, to gain priority attention from VCs. We offer a more efficient pathway than direct emailing, as we provide a compelling narrative on why your startup stands out post our review.

Investor selection for startups, particularly in the tech sector, is often based on a variety of criteria. Key among these is the potential market size and the startup’s ability to scale quickly, as these factors directly influence the potential return on the initial investment. Investors typically seek a return in the range of 12X to 24X over a period of 5 years, although lower returns can be acceptable if higher success rates are achieved. Other important selection criteria include the leadership team and the startup’s strategy. These factors, along with market size, are often weighted heavily in the decision-making process. It’s also worth noting that while there may be commonalities in selection criteria, each investor or investment group may have its own specific set of criteria based on their investment strategy and focus areas. Therefore, it’s crucial for startups to understand these criteria when seeking investment.

Investor compatibility is assessed through a comprehensive vetting process that involves several key steps:

  1. Understanding Investor Expectations: It’s crucial to understand the expectations of potential investors and ensure their visions align with the company’s goals. This involves discussing their business philosophy, motivations, and financial terms.
  2. Checking Track Records: A thorough review of potential investors’ track records is essential. This includes their past investments, their involvement in those companies, and the outcomes of those investments.
  3. Assessing Industry Knowledge: The investor’s knowledge of the industry and its compatibility with the company’s investment strategy is another important factor. This can provide insights into how well they understand the market and the challenges the company might face.
  4. Evaluating Terms of Investment: The terms at which the investment is made should not significantly alter the return profile of the company. It’s important to ensure that the terms are fair and in line with market standards.
  5. Conducting Due Diligence: This involves a thorough investigation of the investor, including their financial stability, reputation, and any potential issues that might affect the investment or the company.
  6. Discussing the Post-Investment Relationship: It’s important to understand what the relationship will look like after the investment. This includes discussing reporting requirements, performance measurement, and how the investor can contribute to the business beyond just providing capital.


By following these steps, companies can increase their chances of finding compatible investors who can contribute to their success.

We’re the most efficient way to get in front of Halo VCs with priority—more so than emailing them—because we explain to them why your startup is so interesting after we review your deck. We’re also the only way to get in front of Halo founders who angel invest, like the CEOs of Solugen and Astranis.
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Gerome Vizmanos

Co-founder & CEO

Tech Platform Builder x Portfolio Evangelist

  • Multifaceted economic development capitalist
  • Serial entrepreneur & brand designer
  • Specialized in startup co-founding, venture building & brand innovation
  • Proven record of fostering economic growth in US & ASEAN
  • Founder of NHaus, based in Makati Philippines
  • Graduate of Parsons
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Antonio Key

Co-founder & Investment Advisory

Venture Investment Expert

  • Deployed $10M of capital over 50 venture investments
  • Former of Director of Venture
  • Investments at Samsung’s $150M venture fund
  • Former Tech Investment Banker Wirth 10 deals totaling $26B in value
  • Graduate of Wharton MBA and Stanford