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Week 1: Foundational Knowledge

Kick-start your entrepreneurial journey by understanding the basics of starting a tech business. This week covers key concepts like ideation, market research, lean startup methodology, and the tech startup landscape.

Week 3: Building an MVP

Learn how to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that meets customer needs and provides early validation for your business idea. This week covers product development, prototyping, and initial user testing.

Week 4: Business Model

This week focuses on defining a strong business model. Participants will learn about different business models, revenue streams, cost structures, and how to use the Business Model Canvas tool.

Week 5: Customer Profiles

Understanding your customer is key to startup success. This week, we'll delve into creating customer profiles, understanding customer needs, and defining your target market.

Week 6: Validation Research

Learn the importance of validation research in proving your concept and reducing business risks. This week covers conducting surveys, running focus groups, and analyzing market trends.

Week 7: Metrics & TAM

This week introduces key metrics for measuring startup success and how to calculate Total Addressable Market (TAM) to assess the potential of your venture.